60014-004 - Magnetic mount GPS antenna

Similar to our 60014-003, but half the size! Very inconspicuous, the 60014-004 has a built-in magnet that will attach to any ferrous surface, has drilled and tapped monting holes for permanent flush-surface mounting or can be mounted with foam tape. It can also be used with our optional suction-cup windshield mount. The cable assembly for this antenna is 5 meters long and terminates with a TNC connector.


Antenna Specifications

Operating frequency: 1575.42 MHz, ±1.023 MHz (typ) • Antenna element gain: +5.0 dBi (typ), -1 dBi at 10º • Filtering: -20 dB (typ) @ Fo ±50 MHz • Overall Gain: 25 dB (typ) • NF: 2.0dB (max) • VSWR: 2.0 (max) • Power: 5.0 ±0.5 VDC • Current: 11 mA (typ) • Dimensions: 34mm(L)x25mm(W) • Height: 11 mm • Weight: 30g (excludes cable and connector) • Operating temp: -40ºC to +85ºC

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