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GPS Antennas

Our standard all-weather GPS antenna features special terrestrial noise filtering and very good sensitivity. Available in three versions: Flush mount with N or TNC connector and threaded mount with TNC, as shown.

Puck style antenna

Flush-mount, "puck style" antenna for unobtrusive installations. All-weather, easy to install.

Standard Timing Antenna



Super small magnetic mount antenna

Our smallest GPS antenna offers excellent performance in an almost invisible package. Similar in performance and specifications to the 60014-003 antenna but in a very small form factor.

Mobile GPS antenna, featuring magnetic, foam tape and suction-cup mounting options. Perfect for window sill and dashboard applications.

Magnetic mount antenna



Special low-current antenna

Magnet or screw mount special-purpose, premium mobile GPS antenna, featuring low power, very low noise and high performance. This antenna features double TI filtering for excellent out-of-band rejection and short cable length for installations where it will be located close to the receiver. Designed for OEM applications, this antenna requires a special factory change to Spectrum products in order to use it.


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