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Spectrum offers standard and custom-designed products.

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All Spectrum standard time and frequency references offer these features (some optional):

• 1 pulse-per-second (PPS) with separate serial time message or NMEA messages
• GPS disciplined 10 MHz output
• PPS accuracy of +/- 2.5 ns
• IRIG-A, IRIG-B, IRIG-E, IRIG-G or NASA-36 serial time code
• GPS-driven frequency synthesizer output
• Programmable output pulse
• External event time-tag
• Timing information derived from all tracked satellites
• Dynamic and static timing modes
• User-friendly command and control software
• Easily customized to unique requirements
• Very high reliability and long life
• Unlimited lifetime product technical support
• Low cost


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Newest Products

The newest addition to the Spectrum line of products is the TM-4M Time & Frequency System. Incorporating a TM-4/OEM™ and a rechargeable lead-acid battery, the TM-4M allows for both portable service and the confidence of continued operation during power failures. In addition, the TM-4M Time & Frequency System offers six user-selectable outputs on the front panel, including PPS, 10 MHz and any of the standard outputs mentioned above. It is also optionally rack mountable and is available without the backup battery for those who would like the multiple outputs from the TM-4 without extra cables or adapters. Spectrum will offer a Rubidium version of this product in Q2 of 2007.

TM-4M Time &
 Frequency System

TM-4M Time & Frequency System

DA 1:54 Distribution Amplifier

The DA 1:54 Analog Distribution Amplifier distributes analog signals to as many as 54 destinations at once. With three separate channels for different signals, it is perfect for laboratories and R&D houses that need consistent, high-quality reference signals at multiple locations.

DA 1:54 Analog Distribution Amplifier

Current Products

Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ and TM-4/OEM™

The Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ and TM-4/OEM™ are GPS disciplined time and frequency references that feature near-Rubidium accuracy and holdover characteristics while retaining the economy and low phase-noise of quartz-based products. The TM-4 incorporates very advanced technology, including our Intelligent Holdover™ function, simultaneous Event Time Tag (ETT) and Programmed Output Pulse (POP) capability, FastStart™ technology and an optional wide-range filtered timing pulse (synchronous to PPS), with ultra-low jitter. Other optional features include a GPS-locked wide-range frequency synthesizer, a super low power OCXO, and a low cost, power-conserving TCVCXO. The Intelligent Reference/TM-4 is Stratum-1 compliant, is highly customizable and is available with or without case.

TM-4/OEM and TM-4

The versatile Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™ incorporates our TM-4/OEM™ and takes time and frequency references to a whole new level. Integrating a signal generator with both digital and analog distribution amplifiers, the TM-4D generates and distributes timing signals, time code, and both digital and analog signals all in one product. The TM-4D can also be optionally configured to distribute externally-supplied signals.

Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™

Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™

D/A-1 Digital and Analog
Distribution Amplifier

The D/A-1 is a versatile distribution amplifier for both analog and digital signals. Built upon the TM-4D chassis but without an internal signal generator, it will distribute four independent digital signals to as many as 24 outputs and two different analog signals to as many as 16 outputs. The D/A-1 features signal indicators for all six amplifier stages, is DC powered and occupies 1U of rack space.

D/A-1 Distribution Amplfier

GPS Antennas and Mounts

Spectrum offers a wide selection of GPS antennas and mounts, suitable for most every purpose. Choices include fixed tower or mast-mount antennas, super low power antennas, mobile antennas, and timing antennas that incorporate highly effective terrestrial interference filtering. There are also a number of mounting options from which to choose.

GPS Antennas and Mounts
GPS Antennas and Mounts


Small items and tools to enable easier and more convenient use of Spectrum products.

Legacy Products (no longer available)

GPS Time-Machine™/OEM

A 5-volt "building block" time and frequency reference, with GPS controlled VCXO-derived 10 MHz output, perfect for incorporation into other products. Custom configurations available.

GPS Time-Machine™/TM-1

A stand-alone time & frequency reference, with GPS-controlled VCXO-derived 10 MHz and selectable multiplexer output. 

GPS Time-Machine™/TM-3

A deluxe TM-1 featuring a GPS-disciplined, OCXO (ovenized oscillator) derived 10 MHz output. The TM-3 also offers an optional filtered timing pulse, optional auxiliary output frequencies and Spectrum's exclusive FastStart™ technology. MTIE Stratum-1 compliant.

Custom Product Examples

GPS Time-Machine/PCE

ISA form-factor version of the OEM.

Custom Product Example 1

VME-based, OCXO-driven time and frequency reference, manufactured for a wireless telecommunications company.

Custom Product Example 2

Highly stable 10 MHz OCXO reference for another wireless company, with custom form-factor requirements.

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