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Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™

Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™

The Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™ breaks new ground for time and frequency references. For the first time, it is possible to generate and distribute both analog and digital signals to multiple instruments and locations with just one product that fits in a single rack space. The TM-4D is three instruments in one: an Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ precise time and frequency reference, a digital signal distribution amplifier and an analog distribution amplifier. And it eliminates the need for multiple boxes.

The TM-4D incorporates the market-proven TM-4/OEM™ and vastly increases its capabilities. It takes the single primary frequency output (and/or any other internally generated analog signal) of the TM-4 and expands it to as many as 12 (8 are standard) analog outputs. Similarly, the digital signals generated by the internal TM-4 may be distributed to as many as 24 (16 standard) outputs. In addition, the TM-4D can optionally accept external signals and distribute them along with or in place of any of the internally generated signals.

The Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™ is incredibly versatile. The analog section is divided into two banks which can operate either independently or slaved together. The digital section is divided into four banks which may also operate independently or slaved. Internally generated and optional externally supplied signals can be distributed in any combination via simple jumper changes.

Because the internal reference is available with an IRIG serial time code output, the Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™ is an ideal distributed serial time code generator. There is also an option to incorporate two additional frequency synthesizers that can generate custom analog or digital signals up to 125 MHz. Combined with the optional synthesizer capability of the internal TM-4, there is capability to generate and distribute up to three custom signals, all locked to the GPS disciplined primary reference frequency.

Dimensions:19"x7"x1U • Weight: 6.75 lbs • Power: 12-35 VDC, 24V nominal • Supplied accessories: GPS timing antenna, AC power adaptor, operation software

TM-4D rear panel

Details and specifications: Download these documents to examine the TM-4D in greater detail.
2-page color TM-4D brochure (.pdf format, 480 kB)
Intelligent Reference/TM-4D User Manual Addendum (.pdf format, 268 kB)

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