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TM-4M Time & Frequency System

TM-4M Time & Frequency System

Spectrum has evolved its highly successful Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ into another innovative product. The TM-4M Time & Frequency System incorporates all of the versatility and functions of the TM-4, and supports mission-critical applications with a built-in uninterruptible power supply. Useable as a GPS time standard, a frequency reference or as an IRIG time code generator, the TM-4M has its own power source capable of sustaining uninterruptible operation for up to ten hours. Now, momentary power outages or accidents won't disrupt vital tests or destabilize reference applications.

The TM-4M Time & Frequency System features a larger, easier to use form-factor. It was designed for mobile applications that require uninterruptible power, and for applications that require multiple front panel connections. The six BNC jacks on the front panel are user-assignable to output any signal the user chooses. 

All of the standard features of the TM-4 are incorporated, including our phase coherent optimized architecture, Event Time Tag, Programmed Output Pulse, and NMEA-0183 message subset. All optional TM-4 features, such as IRIG time code, NTP output and PL tone generator are also available.

Optional 1U rack mount kit

Optional rack-mount handlesThe rechargeable battery/UPS allows the TM-4M to be taken into locations where there is no source of power for up to ten hours of normal operation. It also allows the TM-4M to maintain its timing synchronization while being transported, by holding up power until the unit can again be connected to mains power. For example, the TM-4M can be synchronized to GPS, disconnected from mains power and the GPS antenna, moved to a location without GPS availability and operated in holdover mode. This can be done without loss of precise time or synchronization, because power is always maintained via the built-in UPS. The integrated charger quickly charges the internal SLA battery when depleted and maintains the battery at peak capacity when the unit is not in use.

The TM-4M is half-rack sized, and two units may be operated in tandem and occupy only 1U of rack space. An optional adapter kit is available to rack-mount a single TM-4M. Spectrum will offer a Rubidium-based version of this product in the second quarter of 2007.

Dimensions: 8.4"x9.5"x1U • Weight: 4.5 lbs • Power: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz • Supplied accessories: AC power cord, operation software

Details and specifications: Download this document to examine the TM-4M in greater detail.
TM-4M Time & Frequency System User Manual Addendum (.pdf format, 174 kB)
TM-4M Time & Frequency System 2-page color brochure (.pdf format, 100 kB)

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