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D/A-1 Digital and Analog Distribution Amplifier

D/A-1 distribution amplifier

The D/A-1 Digital and Analog Distribution Amplifier is a digital and analog signal distribution product based on the the Intelligent Reference/TM-4D™ chassis and is the perfect way to distribute externally supplied signals without the need for multiple units. Most signal distribution products are limited to either analog or digital signals, but the D/A-1 distributes both.

The D/A-1 is very versatile. The analog section is divided into two banks which can operate either independently or slaved together. The digital section is divided into four banks which may also operate independently or slaved. In its standard configuration, the D/A-1 offers 16 digital and 8 analog outputs on the rear panel. An optional configuration enhancement adds output jacks to the front panel for up to eight additional digital output jacks and four additional analog outputs. With the front panel enhancement, there are a total of 24 digital outputs (4x1:6) and 12 analog outputs (2x1:6).

Dimensions:19"x7"x1U • Weight: 6.00 lbs • Power: 12-35 VDC, 24V nominal • Supplied accessories: AC power adaptor

D/A-1 rear panel

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