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GPS Time-Machine/OEM Time and Frequency Reference

GPS Time-Machine™/OEMThe GPS Time-Machine™/OEM is a highly versatile, very low cost solution for applications requiring an OEM product. This model is very similar to a TM-1, and offers very small size. Its unique design consists of a modular approach that allows for both standard features and custom configurations in small or large quantities with reasonable one-time engineering costs for custom designs. 

The OEM has found its way into a number of systems worldwide. Contact us and see how we can help you integrate the low-cost GPS Time-Machine™/OEM into yours. 

IMPORTANT: This information is presented for reference purposes only. The GPS Time-Machine™/OEM is no longer available, and has been replaced by the OEM version of the TM4. 

Standard Features

GPS-corrected 1 pulse-per-second output with separate ASCII time message • Frequency accuracy of 4 x 10-10 • GPS- disciplined, VCXO-derived 10MHz output • All comunication and control of the OEM is accomplished via a standard RS-232 serial data port • Timing accuracy of 50ns RMS • Only one satellite needed in static mode for timing information and oscillator control • State-of-the-art GPS technology • Autonomous operation • All inputs and outputs are made through a standard 34-pin IDC compatible header • Very small size - 4.8"x 2.9"x1.0" (LWH)

Optional Features

Programmed output pulse with 100ns resolution • Event time-tag with 100ns resolution • GPS-corrected frequency synthesizer, with six selectable outputs: 1, 10, 100 kHz and 1, 5, 10 MHz • IRIG B serial time code output • TTL-level serial channel for control and communication • Other specific custom features can be engineered at your request.

Details and specifications: Download this document to examine the OEM in greater detail.
2-page color OEM brochure (.pdf format, 165 kB)

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