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GPS Time-Machine/TM-3 Time and Frequency Reference

The GPS Time-Machine™/TM3 is a very high-performance, low cost, stand-alone time and frequency reference that offers a surprising number of both standard features and optional capabilities.GPS Time-Machine™/TM-3 Its stability, exceptional accuracy and wide array of GPS-disciplined outputs make it ideal as a stationary or a field-portable reference. The TM-3's small size, autonomous operation capability and exclusive FastStart™ technology make it an ideal frequency standard for calibration of equipment in remote and distant sites. With FastStart™, technicians don't need to wait long at a remote site for the level of accuracy they need. 

The GPS Time-Machine™/TM-3 is also highly customizable at your request. You can choose from a long list of inexpensive optional features or specify your own. Spectrum's design engineers and manufacturing team are ready to incorporate your specific requirements into your version of the TM-3. 

NOTE: The TM-3 has been replaced by the TM-4 and is no longer available.

Standard Features

GPS-disciplined ovenized oscillator, with 10 MHz sine wave and TTL outputs • Frequency accuracy of 1 x 10-11 (long term, while tracking) • Meets MTIE requirement for a Stratum-1 primary clock source • One pulse-per-second output with separate ASCII serial time message • Programmed output pulse with 100ns resolution • Event time-tag with 100ns resolution • GPS-corrected frequency synthesizer, with six selectable outputs: 1, 10, 100 kHz and 1, 5, 10 MHz • Timing accuracy of 50ns RMS • State-of-the-art GPS technology • Only one satellite needed in static mode for timing information and oscillator discipline • All inputs and outputs are made through standard connectors. 

Optional Features

Auxiliary PLL clock output, with the same stability and accuracy as the primary 10 MHz source.  Virtually any common frequency is available, such as 1 MHz, 5 MHz, 1.544 MHz and 2.048 MHz, etc • IRIG-B serial time code generator, with both TTL and modulated outputs. Other IRIG protocols are also available • Ultra-low jitter filtered timing pulse output, coherent to the primary 10 MHz signal. This output can be set to a wide range of virtually any desired frequency, such as 25 Hz, 2162/3 Hz, etc.  Custom outputs and functions available via Spectrum's engineering department • Rack-mount version available. 

Details and specifications: Download these documents to examine the TM-3 in greater detail.
2 page short-format TM-3 brochure, with photos (.pdf format, 185 kB)
6 page TM-3 brochure (.pdf format 120 kB)

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