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GPS Time-Machine/TM-1 Time and Frequency Reference

The GPS Time-Machine™/TM1 is a high-performance, low cost, GPS-corrected time and frequency reference that offers a number of standard and optional features designed to meet your requirements.GPS Time-Machine/™TM-1 The TM-1 combines most of the feature set of the TM-3 with the low-cost of a GPS-corrected VCXO 10 MHz output. Unlike units incorporating an OCXO, the frequency outputs of the TM-1 are accurate as soon as the GPS receiver enters the time valid state, so technicians in the field or in the lab don't have to wait long for the level of accuracy they need. 

The TM-1 is highly customizable at your request. You can choose from a long list of inexpensive optional features or specify your own. Spectrum's design engineers and manufacturing specialists are ready to incorporate your specific requirements at minimal cost. 

NOTE: This information is provided for reference only. The TM-1 is no longer available and has been superceded by a special low-cost version of the TM-4, which offers an expanded feature set, smaller size, better performance and lower cost. 

Standard Features

GPS-corrected 1 pulse-per-second output with separate ASCII time message • Frequency accuracy of 4 x 10-10 • GPS-corrected frequency synthesizer, with six selectable outputs: 1, 10, 100 kHz and 1, 5, 10 MHz • Programmed output pulse with 100ns resolution • Event time-tag with 100ns resolution • Timing accuracy of 50ns RMS • All communication and control of the TM-1 is accomplished via a standard RS-232 serial data port • Only one satellite needed in static mode for timing information and oscillator control • State-of-the-art GPS technology • Autonomous operation • All inputs and outputs are made through standard connectors. 

Optional Features

IRIG B serial time code output, other IRIG formats available • Auxiliary PLL clock output, with the same stability and accuracy as the primary 10 MHz source. Almost any frequency is available. Examples include 1 MHz, 5 MHz, 1.544 MHz and 2048 MHz. • Rack-mount version available • Other specific custom features can be engineered at your request. 

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