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DA 1:54 Analog Distribution Amplifier

DA 1:54 analog distribution amplfier

The DA 1:54 Analog Distribution Amplifier is designed to make it simple to distribute analog signals generated by Spectrum products to multiple locations and to overcome long cable runs. The DA 1:54 consists of three separate amplifier sections that are factory-configured to operate independently or ganged together, depending upon requirements.

Each of the three output banks is divided into four subsections (5,5,5 and 3), for a total of 18 outputs. With all three channels ganged together, a single analog signal up to 300 MHz is distributed to all 54 outputs. With the three channels operating independently, three different analog signals may be distributed to 18 outputs each. Two channels may also be ganged together to drive 36 outputs with the third channel driving the remaining 18 outputs.

In addition, each output bank subsection offers gain controls for fine adjustment of signal level, allowing for consistent results even with varying cable lengths. The DA 1:54 occupies 2U of rack space and will drive a total of fifty-four 50-ohm loads at full 2-volt output levels.

Dimensions: 19"x7"x2U • Weight:9.8 lbs • Power: 115 VAC, 60 Hz • Supplied accessories: AC power cord, 2 patch cables

DA 1:54 rear panel

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