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GPS Antenna Mounts

Vertical surface mount

Stainless steel vertical surface mount, with threaded mast. Versatile L-bracket mount for vertical surfaces such as walls, studs or beams. Fastens with screws or clamps to pipes and poles with U-clamp hardware.

Flange mount

Stainless steel, simple surface mount for horizontal surfaces. May also be placed on a tabletop. Threaded mast with flanged base.

Mounting example



Pipe mount

Stainless steel 1" pipe/pole clamp. Set-screw, threaded mount will clamp up to a 1" unthreaded pole.

mounting example

Mast and pole mount

1.5" mast or pole clampUseful for larger diameter unthreaded poles, pipes or masts up to 1.5" in diameter.



Windshield mount

Glass mount for standard and mini magnetic mobile antennas. Suction cups attach to windshield.

Variable angle mount

Variable-angle surface mount. Mount a Spectrum GPS antenna almost anywhere, and any angle.



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